Many small businesses are struggling to decide whether their Facebook efforts (and budgets) are really helping to grow their business. Some have had real success and others not so much. But what is the secret sauce to Facebook marketing?

I’ll let you in on the secret.

Give everything away. JIP – that’s right. For freeee!

Social media has become part of people’s daily lives and routine. This is a place where humans meet family and friends. For some a place of escape and your marketing is interrupting the zen they call their Facebook feed.

You see, the thing that people DON’T want on Facebook is a hard sell, it’s-all-about-me, buy now, feed!

So, how do you promote your business within this social space without causing annoyance to the user? Trust. What? Yes, trust. Consider this. Facebook offers businesses over 2.7 billion monthly active subscribers (according to Statista) and it’s the biggest social network worldwide.

By creating value (by giving away free stuff, like advice) to a relevant audience will create a path for long term relationship with your brand. Here’s an example.

facebook marketing for small business

Imagine a marketing company offering customers advise on how to use Facebook to build their business instead of trying to sell social media retainers (wink, wink). This creates trust by adding real, honest value.

Let’s look at some practical stuff you can start with.

Facebook Marketing Audience

Make sure you choose/set-up a very specific audience for your Facebook campaign. Facebook allows you the really zoom in on specific area and criteria like demographics (educations, life events and relationships), interests (hobbies, food, family, shopping, sport and outdoors) and behaviors (anniversaries, travel and digital activities) just to name a few.

Facebook marketing target audience

Content! Content! Content!

Create a piece of content specific to your target audience. If you are a guest house in Natal – talk about the top 10 activities to do in and around Natal. Load this on your website blog and it will -double whammy- help you with search engine optimisation also.

Website to Facebook

Share the content of the blog article to Facebook. Make sure to use visual enticing images to clearly indicate what the topic is about.

Facebook Ad Centre

Boost this post via the Facebook Ad Center. You can choose various goals when setting up a boost incl: More website visitors, More website purchases, Boost a post, Boost an Instagram post, Promote your page or Get more leads. For value content posts, I would recommend Boost a Post.

Facebook marketing goal

Easy Choices

Choose the blog article post you’ve just shared and pick the audience you’ve set-up in step 1.

Don’t Break The Bank

Choose the duration and budget. Start small. Facebook will show you the recommended range.

Facebook marketing budget

Include Instragram?

You can decide if you want to place the adds just on Facebook or include Instagram.

Facebook marketing Instagram


Boost your post. Walla!

Keep an eye on the performance of the advert. Best place to do so is via the Facebook Advert app you can download on your mobile.

People will soon start responding to your content.

A pro tip. When someone likes your post – invite them to like your page! Facebook has a nifty function that will automatically ask you to invite people that engaged.

Facebook marketing works! It about the correct message to the correct audience, building trust and relationships. You can do it.

You are so welcome to contact us if you have a specific question with regards to Facebook marketing.